office chairs


UK Office Chair Regulations

There are several pieces of legislation and a number of British Standards relating to seating at work (see Legislation, Standards & Reading page), a summary book 'Seating at Work' produced by the HSE provides a useful summary of the things you need to check in order to be compliant:

  1. Is the chair comfortable for the intended period of use?
  2. Is the lower back adequately supported?
  3. Is the upholstery sufficiently supportive and comfortable?
  4. Are edges sufficiently padded and shaped to prevent uncomfortable pressure on the thighs?
  5. Does the chair have adeqaute types and ranges of adjustment?
  6. Is the height adjustable to allow work to be carried out at or below elbow height?
  7. Does the backrest adjust sufficiently in height and depth to allow the user to gain support?
  8. Are armrests suitable for the task and workstation?
  9. Do the armrests allow the user to bring the chair far enough forward?
  10. Do the arm rests allow adeqaute arm movement?
  11. Are footrests required and if so, are they suitable?
  12. Are there special requirements for a chair at this particular workstation?
  13. Are there special user requirements? (see notes)
  14. Are there special task requirements?